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Hello! I'm Rachel from @tots_2_toddlers, mum to three, and creator of the recipe application 'Tots2Toddlers - Healthy Family Food Ideas'. I am passionate about cooking, and promoting a healthy balanced diet that is both nutritious and delicious. All my recipes are created with the whole family in mind - from the Mums and Dads, right down to the toddlers and the little tots. All of my recipes are available through my Android applications, or via my Wordpress Recipe Blog

Tots 2 Toddlers
Tots 2 Toddlers

Tots2Toddlers - Healthy Family Food Ideas

With over 100 of our favourite recipes, the Tots2Toddlers application provides step by step details to prepare food that is not only delicious and healthy for your tots and toddlers - it will be a hit with all the family. From breakfast to dinner, and lunch to snack ideas, all our recipes are child friendly, with an emphasis on getting plenty of vitamins and minerals into their diet without the drama - an example being our hidden veggie ice pops!

Tots 2 Toddlers

Weekly Meal Planner

Meal planning and meal preparation have been a lifeline for me over the last two years. Having two kids under two, as well as an 11-year-old, means my days are pretty busy! From school drop off and crèche runs, to homework and after school activities, the only way I could get dinners done was to get myself a bit organised.

I would try to sit down on a Friday night and write out the dinners I would like to cook over the following week. On a Saturday morning, I would go through my cupboards and fridge to see what I already had, or to see what I was running low on. I would write out the shopping list of what I needed to get to make the dinners on my meal plan.

Tots 2 Toddlers
Tots 2 Toddlers

On a Sunday, I would cook any of the sauces I needed for my dinners. For example, if I was planning on making a bolognese, I would make a big batch of my tomato and basil sauce and freeze it in portions. That way, I could use half the sauce for a lasagne at another time. An hour or two cooking and preparing on a Sunday really saves me so much time cooking during the week. A healthy homemade bolognese becomes so much easier when you just have to defrost your sauce!

Every so often, I will batch cook a breakfast option, for those busy mornings when we have slept in because one of my toddlers likes to have all night parties and keep us parents up until all hours! Batch cooking stuff like pancakes or healthy waffles are definitely a game changer for me. They can be taken out of the freezer the night before and heated in the microwave or toaster. Each week, I will update this page with my Meal Plan for the week ahead. To view the plan, simply click the button below or the Meal Plan image.

Baby Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning places the emphasis on exploring taste, texture, color and smell as the baby sets their own pace for the meal, choosing which foods to concentrate on. Instead of the traditional method of spooning food into the baby's mouth, the baby is presented with a plate of varied finger food from which to choose.

According to one theory, the baby will choose foods with the nutrients she might be slightly lacking, guided by taste. The baby learns most effectively by watching and imitating others, and allowing her to eat the same food at the same time as the rest of the family contributes to a positive weaning experience.

Self-feeding supports the child’s motor development on many vital areas, such as their hand-eye coordination and chewing. It encourages the child towards independence and often provides a stress-free alternative for meal times, for both the child and the parents. Some babies refuse to eat solids when offered with a spoon, but happily help themselves to finger food.

Tots 2 Toddlers
Tots 2 Toddlers

As recommended by the World Health Organization and several other health authorities across the world, there is no need to introduce solid food to a baby’s diet until after 6 months, and by then the child’s digestive system and their fine motor skills have developed enough to allow them to self-feed. Baby-led weaning takes advantage of the natural development stages of the child.

Here at, we actively encourage Baby Led Weaning as a positive method to introduce your baby to the exciting world of food. We post regularly to our Instagram and Twitter accounts, detailing what foods we are preparing for our own little ones, and providing suggestions and ideas to anybody that is considering doing the same. From tiny tots to tempestuous toddlers, all should benefit from a more diverse diet and varied pallet.


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